Tobacco Free Nurses Library Archive (1966-2010)

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References About Nurses and Tobacco Control

As part of the Tobacco Free Nurses Initiative, we conducted an in-depth search of the literature about nurses and tobacco use . This library was displays articles from 1966 through 2012. We hope that this will be helpful to you in your clinical practice, education, and research. 

This reference is organized in seven sections; click on a section below to view the citations:

I.   Smoking Prevalence Among Nurses (1966 to 2010)

II.  Nursing Knowledge, Beliefs, and Attitudes about Tobacco and Smoking Cessation (1980 to 2010)

III. Correlates and Cessation Intervention (1983 to 2010)

IV. Smoking Cessation Interventions for Patients Implemented by Nurses (1986 to 2010)

V.   Nursing Curricula/Education and Tobacco Programs (1980 to 2010)

VI.  Nursing Activities: Tobacco Prevention and Control (1983 to 2010)

VII. Nursing Activities: Tobacco Control Advocacy and Policy (1984 to present)

Search strategy

We searched major databases for English language publications: PUBMED, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), and the Cochrane Library. Search words included nurses and tobacco, nursing and tobacco, nurses and smoking, nursing and smoking, nursing students and tobacco, nursing students and smoking, nurses and smoking advocacy, and nursing and smoking advocacy. No time limit was set for the search, with the exception of the section on smoking cessation interventions for patients implemented by nurses. This limited to articles published in 1996 or later to correspond with the publication of Agency for Health Care Research and Quality smoking cessation guideline. Additionally, we supplemented the search with references that we located for our previous studies. 

Each article was assigned to one or more of the seven sections as indicated above. Many articles were co-listed as appropriate. The majority of articles are data-based. In each section we organized the listing by year in alphabetical order.

- Linda Sarna, RN, PhD and Stella Bialous, RN, Dr. PH