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Explore sections and web pages from the original Tobacco Free Nurses website available to all nurses from 2004-2013. 

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Created in 2004, these materials were a full range of useful promotional materials (fact sheets, posters, brochures and flyers) to help spread the word about Tobacco Free Nurses! They were downloadable for nurses to print and distribute.

    1. Tobacco Free Nurses Fact Sheets from 2004-2005
      1. Tobacco Free Nurses Fact Sheet on the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization’s (JCAHO) Smoking Cessation Counseling Performance Measures. 
      2. How Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses can make a difference. Nurses make a difference in smoking cessation, increasing quitting success rates in both hospital and non-hospital settings. 
      3. Nurses and Smoking: It's a Union Issue. "Smoking is a workplace issue. Through efforts on smoking cessation and worksite issues related to smoking, nurses’ unions can enhance their efforts to ensure a healthy workforce in a healthy workplace."   
      4. The Facts on Nurses and Smoking. Find out the facts about smoking among nurses and the importance of nurses' roles in helping others to quit smoking. 
    2. Tobacco Free Nurses Brochure 2005
      1. Tobacco Free Nurses Brochure. "Nurses are at the front line of our health care system. They work in ways both big and small to protect health: caring for us when we’re sick, teaching us to stay healthy." 
    3. Tobacco Free Nurses Advertisements/Poster 2005
      1. Advertisement (Black and White). "I first lit up a cigarette when I was 9. I started smoking at 16 and smoked for 15 years." 
      2. Tobacco Free Nurses Advertisement (Color). "When I finally quit, I had more weapons to help me — my pills, my support and my nurse practitioner to talk to. Now we have Tobacco Free Nurses to help, too."  
      3. Tobacco Free Nurses Poster. "Our secret weapon against smoking? Each other."  
    4. Who's Who at Tobacco Free Nurses. Find out about the nurses and health care professionals behind Tobacco Free Nurses.  
    5.  Tobacco Free Nurses Logos & Banners
      1. Tobacco Free Nurses logo -- GIF
      2. Tobacco Free Nurses banner image (11kb, 340 x 100 px) -- GIF

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