International Projects

The EE-HSQ will educate and prepare nurses on advances in tobacco control, through a proposed collaborative project that includes e-learning programs on tobacco control and tobacco cessation; and distribution of Tobacco Cessation Toolkits tailored for nurses in the Czech Republic and Poland. The proposed 2-year project will involve multidisciplinary collaboration to build capacity among nurses in the Czech Republic and Poland to enhance their engagement in tobacco control and thereby cancer prevention.
Educated Chinese RNs could have a significant impact on decreasing tobacco-related morbidity and mortality in China. In response to this overwhelming health problem in China, the impact of The Chinese Registered Nurse-Helping Smokers Quit (CRN-HSQ), an adapted Web- based educational program was developed to improve Chinese nurses’ knowledge and skills in smoking cessation and on increasing nurses’ self-reported frequency of delivery of the 5As to smokers in hospitals.